Strengthen Clinician-Client Relationship

Bonding with a client is critical to a successful therapeutic relationship. Mobile Therapy provides you with vastly more insight on a client’s thoughts, behaviors and moods and makes it easier to get to know clients faster and develop a deeper connection and level of understanding. The system is particularly useful for those who are reluctant to share face-to-face such as teens. Imagine the benefit of sitting down for a therapy session and knowing more about the client’s week and major events than even that client can accurately recall?

“When using Mobile Therapy with my clients, I have found the therapeutic relationship is expedited as the application provides an additional window into the patient’s life and everyday functioning. In completing the self check in’s the patient has the opportunity to reflect and share the details of their experiences in real time. This allows me to increase my understanding of their emotions, personality, thoughts and behaviors in less time and with fewer sessions, than when relying on the content of therapy session dialogue alone. This is extremely valuable to me as it contributes to a sense of trust and intimacy with the patient and ultimatelymaximizes the patient’s progress.”


Lauren Guy, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Coach Past President, Santa Barbara Psychological Association