Benefits of Mobile Therapy

Mobile Therapy gives you access to important information about your clients that previously was difficult or impossible to obtain. With this data you are empowered to provide better care for better outcomes. This system will change the way you practice therapy. Check out some of the benefits below.

Increase Client Engagement

Keeping clients engaged and motivated is one of the greatest challenges in counseling and therapy. 65% of clients discontinue psychotherapy before the 10th session, with most clients attending less than 6 sessions. Mobile Therapy is a unique tool that engages clients, empowering them to take a more active role in their treatment.

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Empirically Track Client Progress

Many clinicians do not have measures in place to empirically evaluate client condition and progress. Mobile Therapy’s survey tools (and soon standardized assessments) makes evaluation easy for both the clinician and client. Our reports and dashboard make this information simple to view and track over time.

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Identify Trends, Critical Events & Anomalies

Part of providing effective treatment is efficiently identifying the problem and being able to provide intervention and tools for change when clients most need them. It can be difficult for someone to remember what triggered something, or when in the past week they had an issue, or how frequently an event occurred. Mobile Therapy let’s clients report important events on the go, quickly, via their smartphone. We also analyze a client’s self reports to pinpoint and present to the clinician unusual situations and alerts.

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Strengthen Clinician-Client Relationship

Bonding with a client is critical to a successful therapeutic relationship. Mobile Therapy provides you with vastly more insight on a client’s thoughts, behaviors and moods and makes it easier to get to know clients faster and develop a deeper connection and level of understanding. The system is particularly useful for those who are reluctant to share face-to-face such as teens. Imagine the benefit of sitting down for a therapy session and knowing more about the client’s week and major events than even that client can accurately recall?

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