Mobile Therapy for Clients

What is Mobile Therapy?

Your mental health is important and getting better is your number one priority but sometimes progress can seem outside of your control. Mobile Therapy empowers you, as the client, to take a more active role in your recovery. The system uses a mobile app, customized by your clinician, to help you get better more effectively and efficiently. Through occasional responses to Mobile Therapy’s survey questions you will provide your clinician with the insights he/she needs to make the most informed decisions about your treatment and care.

Invite Your Clinician

Mobile Therapy’s SelfEcho App:

  • Available on both Android and iPhone
  • Safe, Secure and HIPAA Compliant
  • Easy to Use
  • Helps Your Clinician Help You
  • Supported by a Team of World-Renowned PhDs
  • Used by Harvard Medical School and the US Veteran’s Administration
  • Covers PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Drug and Alcohol Dependency, Eating Disorders and more.
Mobile therapy makes me feel like I have a more active role in my treatment. Its really motivating to be able to sit down with my therapist and see with the graphs how I’ve come in dealing with my depression. Andrew R.

Mobile Therapy Client, Washington D.C.

Since I started using the app, my clinician has a specific agenda based on what happened since my last session. This has changed what we talk about and made our sessions more productive. Kathrin B.

Mobile Therapy Client, San Francisco

Mobile Therapy helps me to make informed diagnoses, better plan for treatment and track progress. Clients are generally responsive to this tool. Even those who are less technologically savvy can use this because it’s easy to navigate and easy to teach. I think the biggest part of this is having clients feel invested in their treatment. Lauren Guy, PhD

Licensed Wellness Coach and Clinical Psychologist, President of the Santa Barbara Psycological Association