Mobile Therapy for Clinicians

What is Mobile Therapy?

Mobile Therapy is a new technology that better engages clients and empowers mental health clinicians to improve treatment by letting clients provide insight on what’s happening with them between therapy sessions. Information is collected from clients via their smartphones using customizable surveys and journals designed around the client’s disorder or issue. This information is securely sent to the clinician’s web-based dashboard and presented in simple, easy to read reports. The clinician can review reports in real-time, in a few minutes before session, or together with the client.

How Mobile Therapy Works

1. Enroll Clients

Use the web-based clinician dashboard to enroll clients and set up personalized questions and programs. We recommend collaborating with your client on both enrollment and review of data as it may dramatically increase their engagement.

2. Clients Log Data

The SelfEcho mobile app reminds your clients to check-in at whatever frequency you’ve specified. The client then responds to the questions you’ve assigned. These can be empirical metrics (e.g. rate your anxiety), journal entries or information about current situation and surroundings.

3. Monitor Progress

Insights on client mood, behavior and more are securely sent to your Mobile Therapy clinician dashboard where you can monitor progress and identify anomalies and trends. Share these reports with your client to increase engagement and use the information these data provide to make more informed treatment decisions.

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What People Are Saying

“Mobile Therapy helps me to make informed diagnoses, better plan for treatment and track progress. Clients are generally responsive to this tool. Even those who are less technologically savvy can use this because it’s easy to navigate and easy to teach. I think the biggest part of this is having clients feel invested in their treatment.”

 Lauren Guy PhD
Licensed Wellness Coach and Clinical Psychologist
President of the Santa Barbara Psychological Association

“The right information is critical to patient
health, and Mobile Therapy delivers.”

 Dr. Jason Muer

Clinical Psychologist, Co-Founder of Better Me

“Up until now therapists have had to rely upon what their clients tell them when they’re in the office. Starting now with Mobile Therapy, therapist have access to what their clients were really thinking, feeling and doing when they weren’t being seen”

 Dan Gilbert, PhD
Professor of Psychology, Harvard University
Author of Stumbling on Happiness

“SelfEcho provides a unique means of communication between client and clinician.  Clinicians are able to assist clients in identifying trends that affect  mood, clients are provided with a quick, easy, and user-friendly method of communicating daily fluctuations in areas of struggle.”

 Shari Kim, PhD
Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor

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